Host Family Participation Requirements

➤ Be legally qualified to work and hire an au pair as an employee in the United States
➤ Provide an appropriate private room and three meals per day for the au pair
➤ Provide personal and employment references
➤ Require all family members living in the home to be personally interviewed by an Agent Au Pair Representative
➤ Adhere to the American Au Pair Program Host Family Agreement
➤ Sign an Employment Agreement with their au pair, which we provide
➤ Pay the au pair at least $10 per hour and pay the local minimum wage if it exceeds this rate
➤ Compensate au pairs for overtime based upon local employment guidelines
➤ Treat the au pair as a member of their family to adhere to the spirit of the au pair concept, which originated from the French term for on par
➤ Provide up to $500 for one-way transportation to the host family’s home. The transportation fee is separate from the program fee

The Host Family Agreement specifies that host families will:

➤ Guarantee your au pair will work an agreed upon number of hours per week prior to the placement
➤ Pay the au pair at least $10 per hour and if they live an area where the local minimum wage exceeds this amount, will pay their au pair at least the local wage requirement
➤ If the weekly work hours of the au pair qualify as overtime, they will pay the required legal compensation for their area
➤ Pay the au pair weekly through our American Au Pair Host Family Payroll Service
➤ Give the au pair one complete weekend off each month (Friday evening to Monday morning)
➤ Provide vacation based on the period of the program selected:
       – 3 Month Program- No Vacation
       – 6 Month Program- 1 Week
       – 9 Month Program- 1 Week
       – 12 Month Program-  2 weeks
➤ Include the au pair whenever possible in family meals, outings, holidays and other events
➤ Have one or both parents, or other responsible adult, remain home during the first three days after the au pair arrival to help orient the au pair to child care responsibilities, the home and local community
➤ Never leave an au pair in sole charge of a child under three months of age
➤ Provide up to $500 for one-way transportation to the host family’s home

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